School Meals

All children in reception, year 1 and year 2 are entitled to a free school lunch. We recommend that you take this excellent offer to help provide a balanced hot meal that also saves you money. We have a good provision for school lunches – please ask at the office for a menu.

Children are able to bring a packed lunch. Please try to include healthy sandwiches, snacks and fresh fruit. Fizzy drinks and sweets should not be brought.

Parents are asked to remember that the child has to be able to manage the lunch on their own (yoghurt can be very difficult for little children).
We have no refrigeration for lunch boxes so parents should consider this when packing lunches in hot weather. Packed lunches must be brought in a named box.

Please see this site for guidance: BBC Good Food

Waste & Litter-free lunches

Packed lunches cause an enormous amount of waste within the school. Readymade packed lunch items such as the Dairylea lunchables, individual yoghurt pots, snack wrappers, crisp packages, drink cartons and so on all add to the amount of waste produced.

There are numerous alternatives to plastic and foil-based packaging which include: paper bags, reusable plastic containers, non-wax lunch paper or reusable lunch bag.

Instead of purchasing boxed juice or plastic drink containers, refill existing drink bottles with water from home. Fresh fruit and vegetables often come in their own natural packaging and may not need any other or if chopped or peeled could be put in a reusable plastic container.

By reusing lunch bags, you can save money, decrease demand for natural resources needed to make new bags and cut down on the amount of rubbish. So instead of using 20 – 30 plastic sandwich bags per month, try to use just one plastic container. Reusable plastic storage containers are also great to keep left-over foods stored in the fridge at home.

Breakfast Club

We have a Breakfast Club offering cereal and toast at a charge of £3 per day to start at 7:30am or £2 per day to start at 8am. Please ask to speak to Mrs Briscoe at the school office if you’d like for your child to attend.

Milk and Snack

At Raynville we strive to promote healthy eating. Milk and Snack is free for all children under 5’s and can be arranged for children in Key Stage 1. Please speak to the school office if you would like your child to have milk and snack.