Our Classes


At Raynville Academy the children are organised into individual class year groups to ensure The Early Years Foundation Stage and The National Curriculum is taught discretely.

EYFS & Key Stage One

    • Nursery has one class – the teachers are Miss Whatmough and Mrs Clarke, they work with Mrs Hawksworth and Mrs Fozzard
    • Reception has two classes with three teachers – RTH is Mrs Tiffany and Mrs Hudson and RD is Mrs Darbyshire. They are supported by Mrs Harrison, Miss Newcombe and Mrs Lowton. Miss Smith and Miss Kelly also work across the EYFS
    • Year one has two classes – 1B is Mrs Brine and 1S is Miss Smart. They are supported by Miss Baranyi and Mrs Paylor
  • Year two has two classes – 2FB teacher is Miss Baker and 2IB teacher is Miss Bagnall. They are supported by Mrs Langstaff and Mrs Keating.

Key Stage Two

  • Year 3 has two classes – 3S is Miss Stewart and 3R is Miss Riches. Year 3 are supported by Mrs Johnson and Mrs Page.
  • Year 4 has two classes – 4B is Mrs Burn and Mrs Buono 4MK is Mrs Mason and Mrs Kahlon. Year 4 are supported by Mrs Kirby and Mrs Taylor.
  • Year 5 have two classes – 5H is Miss Hadwen and 5K is Mr Keating. Year 5 are supported by Mrs Umpleby and Mrs Booth
  • Year 6 have two classes – 6V is Miss Vickerman and 6ST is Mrs Smithand Mrs Toher. Year 6 are supported by Mrs Schofield, Mrs Kemble and Mrs Bywood

Our Staff

Raynville Primary has a strong staff team who work closely together to ensure that the curriculum reflects the needs of all the children. The staffing structure is made up of the Leadership Team, Teachers and Teaching Support.

Senior Leadership Team

Principal: Andrew Midgley
Vice Principal: Gina Balsdon
Assistant Principal: Faye Whatmough
Assistant Principal: Jay Jay Jagger


Year 6 – Hilary Smith – SENDCo
Joanne Toher – English
Rebecca Vickerman – ECT
Year 5 – Paul Keating – PE & Ex Curricular
Philippa Hadwen – TeachFirst
Year 4 – Adele Burn – PE & sport
Sarah Buono – MFL
Clare Mason – PSHCE
Julie Kahlon – English Lead
Year 3 – Clare Riches – Humanities
Harriet Stewart – Curriculum & Art
Year 2 – Imogine Bagnall – Maths
Fran Baker – Maths
Year 1 – Sheila Brine – Healthy schools, school council and community
Kelly Smart – Healthy schools, school council and community
Reception -Maimie Tiffany – RE
Helen Hudson – PE & Sport
Nicky Darbyshire – Design technology
Nursery – Faye Whatmough – EYFS Manager
Leah Fernie – music

Maternity Leave

Support Staff:

Alison Kirby
Lia Baranyi
Debbie Booth
Debbie Page
Denise Schofield
Emma Kelly
Emma Smith
Jackie Langstaff
Kaitlan Ferris
Kate Fozzard
Kelly Smart
Laura Johnson
Lia Baranyi
Lisa Arnison
Louise Harrison
Louise Lowton
Lynn Keating
Meg Newcombe
Nicola Kemble
Pam Umpleby
Rachel Hawksworth
Sarah Johnson
Sharon Paylor
Sharon Taylor
Rachel Hawkesworth
Yvonne Bywood

Pastoral and Inclusion Team:

Jo Briscoe – Pastoral and Inclusion officer
Adele Baranyi – Pastoral and Inclusion assistant
Teresa McGrath – Pastoral and Inclusion assistant

Office Staff/ Admin Team:

Karen Edwards – business manager
Adele Grant – Administrator
Bethany Kay – Admin assistant am

Site/Cleaning Team:

Diane Madeley – Site manager
Leeds SLA for cleaning


Leeds SLA for catering team